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Tax Lien Investing


I came across something very interesting this week that I just need to share. It's about something I have never heard of before called Tax Lien Investing.


The other day I was in a restaurant and overheard of few people talking about something I had never heard of before Tax Liens. I didn’t know what the term meant but it peaked my interest. I know that I shouldn’t have been eavesdropping but I needed to hear more. As their conversation progressed that began swapping stories about the tax liens they purchased. From what I was able to gather from their conversation, it seemed that tax liens were some type of an investment strategy and they appeared to be quite happy with it. It seemed that each of the gentlemen at the table had started this tax lien investing only a couple of years ago and it was turning out to be very profitable and they were excited about pursing it further.


 In fact, one the gentleman was very excited about a piece of real estate he was fortunate enough to acquire. Apparently, he had attended one of the monthly tax deed sales in Chatham County Georgia and began bidding on a beach front condo on one of Georgia’s barrier islands. In the end he ended up winning the property and his purchase was a significant savings. Supposedly, he obtained this condo that was only fours years old, completely furnished and only paid about 25% of the original market value. Since the island is a vacation resort and very popular tourist attraction, he plans to rent the condo out in the summer and then vacation in it throughout the winter. He indicated that if he held onto the property for 5 years and then sold it he would make around a $300,000.00 profit. Needless to say, that after hearing a few of these stories I felt I had to investigate tax lien and tax deed investing in depth.


Later that evening after I arrived home I had to jump on the internet and find out more about what they were discussing. I did a quick search on Google for tax lien investing and soon had answers to all of my questions. In a nutshell, when people don’t pay their property taxes the county puts a tax lien on their home, then after a period of time the tax lien is sold to private investors. Basically the investors pays the back taxes on behalf of the home owner and then the homeowner has to repay the investor the taxes plus an interest rate. If the homeowner doesn’t repay the investor, the investor can foreclose and take the home.


Now I see why these guys were so excited, they apparently bought tax liens in a county where the interest rate is 36 % per year. This sounds like a pretty good deal to me, so I am planning to research this a little further. I guess that sometimes it does pay to listen to other’s conservations.

Muscle Building Supplements


I’ve always been somewhat of a fitness buff, not a fanatic but, I have adopted a healthy diet and exercise as part of my lifestyle. Even from a very young age I tended to eat healthier foods and always got plenty of exercise. I continued with my health lifestyle through my teen years and into adulthood. However, as the years began to pass by I just didn’t seem to achieve the same benefits from my exercise routines as I did in my younger years.


I felt I needed something extra in my diet to provide a little zing to my workout routines. I wasn’t interested in something synthetic but rather needed some type of natural supplement to allow me to attain the results I was used to a few years back. I began looking into pre workout supplements to see if they would provide me with the natural boost I was looking for. As I began researching various supplements I was quickly overwhelmed with an overload of information. In a very short span of time I must have come across at least one hundred different manufactures claiming their company had the best pre workout supplement. Trying to make some sense out of the information I was gathering I soon discover there was some valuable, useful products available but, there was also quite a bit of misleading data and products that were just plain garbage. Some of the supplements I found provided less value and benefit than a cup of coffee.


Fortunately, I finally stumbled across a site that provided a very through and informative review on the best pre workout supplement. I discovered that most of the pre workout supplements available are a combination of one or more nutrients. Depending on what is lacking in your workouts, different supplements will work differently for every individual based on the nutrients your body is requiring. The site I found did an excellent job of breaking down all of the different nutrients commonly found in pre workout supplements and provided a through explanation of the nutrients job. However, after reading through the information in the review (several times), I found that there seemed to be one nutrient that was common in all of the pre workout supplements, creatine. In fact, it seemed that creatine may be the only nutrient that I personally would require to give me the boost I needed, but I still wasn’t convinced.


One of my main concerns was whether this supplement could be used by women as well as men. After all, I didn’t want to become big and bulky, I just needed something to give me an edge. As luck would have it I stumbled upon another site that provided an excellent review on the best creatine supplement. This site provided me with the answers to all of my questions about creatine and the use of creatine by women. Not only did the site provide a wealth of information, it also provided links to purchase the creatine supplement of your choice.


Well, I decided to give it a shot and ordered some creatine, what a difference. It gave me the energy and the boost I was looking for without any side effects. Creatine is a nutrient that occurs naturally in our bodies however, with age I just wasn't getting the amount I required. Now I’m back on track and my workouts are as good today as they were twenty years ago.



Home Improvements Can Increase Your Home’s Value


Probably the most common reason individuals offer when asked why they're improving their house is that home improvements boost home value. While this may often be correct, it is in no way as common as some individuals believe it is. When you’re going to pay out a lot of money for a home improvement, its well worth checking if the value of your property will increase by enough to cover it or, even worse, whether it could actually push your home's value down.


Let’s begin with bathrooms and kitchens. Even though a well maintained and great looking kitchen and bathrooms will add value to your home, there’s nothing requiring that they need to be the most up-to-date trend. An older room that's well maintained and appealing in the first place can frequently help the homes value as much as a newly remodeled one.


Additions however, almost always raise the value of your property, as they make it larger. A four-bedroom house could be considerably more valuable and desired on the marketplace when compared to a three bedroom one, as a larger family can reside in it. However, you have to look out for building too much out into your garden in case you only have a smaller yard. Eliminate too much of your yard, and you could very well decrease the value of your property beyond what you will gain from the additional bedroom.


Although it may seem strange, this same principle also pertains to garden features for example pools and fish ponds. Although you might enjoy them, not everyone will and you’ve just used a piece of yard that may be useful for almost anything and converted it into a solitary feature. Also, pools especially can be extremely expensive to maintain, which often can put off potential home buyers.


Overall, it’s a poor idea to make home improvements simply to make money, since you can fail. Instead, simply make the improvements that you would like, while staying away from any that will really Impact your homes cost.